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Gamer Troll, who deliberately provocative to other gamers with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument who gains entertainment to toy others emotions without the victim's knowledge. The Gamer Troll want their victims of not noticing they're having fun to make you rage or cry in the process of doing it in the first place. They love the feeling to dominate the other players' emotions to feel like a champ. Most of these trolls are very unskilled at most or current game he/she is playing at the time. Another reason a Gamer Troll will do this to other players' is when they cannot win the game or did try their best and they will not have any game sportsmanship of regardless the game match is for fun or competitive gameplay

You mute the troll! Block the Troll! You kick the troll! If the troll kicks you and you get angry then you got trolled! Why would you want to stay in a game server with a troll?

Every Gamer Trolls' weakness: 1. Zone out or tune out the troll as this troll does not exist to you.
2. If you're great at insults, you can try to be the bigger troll. Again the rule to win over a troll is to make them angry at you or make them cry to be the victor. As most trolls will stop as some will retaliate back again of being too stubborn to give up.

3. Have friends or make new friends to team up on the troll either trolling back or kick the gamer troll out of the server.
FartyMardy: Hello, Iseven8'O_Aholes! What bring you here today?

Iseven8'O_Aholes!: Hallo..waitt
Did you just call me a fatass?

FartyMardy: Why would I do that? You look great!

Iseven8'O_Aholes!: Oh, snap! You can see me?
Oh, fook!

FartyMardy: As of course I can see you.

Iseven8'O_Aholes!: Dam these webcam technologies are not safe at all.

FartyMardy: You're looking like a billion dollar there, Iseven8'O_Aholes!

Iseven8'O_Aholes!: Hold on, I don't even own a webcam!

User Iseven8'O_Aholes! has Disconnected!

The use who has disconnect has been trolled by a gamer troll!
by afriendlycow June 25, 2016
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