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Pain associates in the right thumb of a gamer, This is caused by moving the thumb off one button to the next with out rolling the thumb. This is associated with most systems that have buttons in a diagonal form but the Gameboy's format is at a 40 degree angle and not a 45 degree angle. Being that the D-Pad buttons on most controllers have not changed since the NES and they are close enough so you can roll the thumb causing less stress then having to take the button on and off a button in order to do actions.
Gary: Man I found my old Gameboy in my closet!
Lance: That is great did you find any games?
Gary: Yes my old copy of pokemon gold, and link's awaking DX.

Lance: Cool how long did you play?
Gary: not long after about three gyms I got Gameboy thumb
by The true Gameboy God February 02, 2012
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