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1. Spawning from the company known as Gamestop. One who knows nothing about games and/or gives bad advice on a subject that no one should need advising on in the first place.

2. One who would like to believe they are an expert on something no one cares about to start with.

3. In the case of a female being a game advisor, knowledge of games is not necessary. Young wapanese gamer nerds will salivate over the opportunity of having a conversation, albeit brief and awkward, with the somewhat okay looking girl behind the counter.

Many Gamestops stock their stores almost exclusively with female game advisors for this very reason.

4. One who knows not what they are doing.
The kawaii game advisor behind the counter at Gamestop looked at me! If I could only not be a baka get the courage to ask her out! We would get married and move to japan where she would make video games and I could be a great mangaka! X'D
by Narglesatemyneighbors December 23, 2010
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