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A bald or semi-bald person consumed by gambling and the casino life. This person can lead a normal life but online gambling at work is normal as is vacationing on riverboat gambling adventures and playing dice in da hood
That gambling Tracey is at it at work again, did you hear she just bankrupted a casino over the weekend
by TyroneJefferson September 12, 2016
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This person throws illegal trailer park gambling parties and serves illegal hooch for money. They can hold a normal job but once at the park it’s on. This person has little to no hair and bad credit. Her stories make suicide seem logical.
That gambling Tracey is crazy, she beat me at craps and served illegal bathtub gin all in the same 5 minutes. Wish her hair would grow back from the radiation and her stories are insane!
by TyroneJefferson May 16, 2018
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