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A crew of people who are extremely cool and "ubiquitous". The Gallimore Crew consists of 3 main members: Super Sonic "The donkey sniffer" Jim, Doodles "Has sex with poodles", and last but not least, Vuvu "Teh n00b".

Occasionally other members join like this Simon bloke and some kind of cot related man, but whos to be sure where they stand?
"Oi vuvu, are you gonna play on halo or are you just gonna fiddle with your nuts all day?"

"Hurry up jimmy! Pass me those peppercorns!"

"All their emblems are the same! I pwn j00!"

"You have now entered a suicide pact with the driver"

"Fag! Pre-pubesent cunt! Get a life! Grow some pubes! Get off the game! Ragh!!"
by Doodles December 29, 2004
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