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A Phenomenon which occurs after dark in the city of York, North Yorkshire. Gallery Fodder is the term applied to the generic Lads and Ladettes who all come from either Leeds to the west, Middlesbrough to the north or Hull to the east and congregate in York.

Once in York the Gallery Fodder move from York Railway station to the top of Micklegate and the Micklegate run commences. First stop is any one of the shit scummy bars along the infamous street, usually stopping mid way at Nagshead and or Rumours.

Once the initial binge has taken place on Micklegate the Gallery Fodder move down towards the River Ouse where they are presented by a number of options: A - Bpm, Flares or Nexus, the Priory and Living Rooms. Each discusting clubs in their own right. B - Cross the river ouse and enter either The Slug and Lettuce, O'neils. C - The Lowther.

After option A and or B have taken place, the Gallery Fodder will then all move onto option C - The Lowther. Once crammed into the Lowther the Gallery Fodder will proceed to Binge drink further on triple vodka vimto's until the Gallery Fodder can no longer walk.

At this point it is 12am - 1am if a fight has not broken out either outside the Lowther, Inside the Lowther or at Subways the Gallery Fodder will move on to que up for the main attraction, The Gallery. Once in the Gallery the Gallery Fodder will binge drink further and dance to awful dance music.

Once this ends at 3am the Gallery Fodder will be escorted out by the bouncers at which point they will be sick in numerous places on the way towards the train station.

On arrival at the train station the Gallery Fodder will realise that the trains are not running at 3:30 am and will order a taxi back to Leeds/Middlesbrough/Hull proceed to be sick in the taxi and spend £200 on the ride home... What a night!

Your typical Gallery Fodder is defined as follows:

Boy: White, Spikey Hair, Ben Sherman Shirt, Trousers and smart shoes

Girl: White, extremely short skirt, Some sort of head gear (preferably flashing), make up, High Heal shoes.

They appear in their hundreds every night in York, perticulaly Fridays and Saturdays.

As the Gallery Fodder walk down the street the intro to the Fratelli's Chelsea Dagger plays on repeat.
*Friday night in the Lowther*

Lad: Lets go lads, Galloir! lets pull some rate fit birds.

Me: Oh no, the Gallery Fodders still here, back to Dusk.
by theYorkScene May 05, 2008
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