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A group of people you always see when you go to the gym. They are always working out harder and longer than the average person, partaking in muscle building, strength training, cardiovascular, or aerobic activities.

Often used as a derogatory term by people that don't understand the lifestyle, some self-proclaimed Gainz Goonz use the term as a positive symbol for hustling for greatness.
(Ex) Person 1: Aye Bruh check out those Gainz Goonz in the gym. Didn't we just see them yesterday?

Person 2: Yeah, fam they're always in the gym doing the most.

(Ex) Bro 1: Man look at the muscle mass of those guys. My gainz are nothing compared to theirs.

Bro 2: Those Gainz Goonz are straight gym hustlers bro. I see them in the gym everytime I come. I heard they workout everyday!
by Elite_Mentor May 29, 2017
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