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Gabriel the Marine is a band from Long Island, New York that incorporates electric violin, jazzy vocals, and the catchiness and accessibility of a mature indie pop group, all while being headed by a bunch of 17, 18, and 19 year olds. The band, who's endeavors not only involve an upcoming record with Mike Watts (As Tall As Lions, The Almost, Self Against City, The Scenic), an orchestra made up of classical musicians from Yale, Manhattan School of Music, and Juilliard, and short stories and films, cleverly stitched their talents together in a concept dealing with issues and questions far older and more timeless than the ages of the band members combined. From selling out venues in New York City, to having their single "Maybe Baby" being featured on KRock (92.3 FM), Gabriel the Marine has remained a driving force that refuses to stop.

Stay tuned for their i-Tunes release, their new music video(s), a new myspace layout, more shows, relentless touring, and of course more music. Their next album is dropping Summer 2009.

The slightly classical approach lifts this recording from the plethora of sound-alike music out there. "

"One of the hardest working bands east of the Hudson River, they have a highly developed sound that is on the forefront of the new rock sound and a core fan base unparralelled in Long Island, backed up by some of the most cutting edge songs out there."

"Gabriel the Marine satisfies...cravings for some nice classical and convential instrumentation with their newest EP".

"Gabriel the Marine has a sound like no other...they are the calm before the storm, the belief of not Emo, but multi-paced genrification. Absolutely one of the best finds in this year's Indie of the Year."

"Gabriel the Marine was born of Igor Stravinsky and Miles Davis and The Beatles. Enough said...Their first EP does them no justice compared to their live show...the next EP may prove them to be the Sigur Ros of North America."

by dylan ebrahimian February 18, 2009
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