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Gabe Zoning is when a girl flirts immensely with a man and gives him the illusion of eventually getting some. However, when he attempts to try and tap that ass, the girl shies away. Instead of the girl being honest with the man, admitting she isnt interested in him romantically, she puts him in a place that surpasses the Friend-Zone, Its the Gabe-Zone. Its pretty much the dark, deep, bottomless pit of always being a friend of a hot female, but with 0 benefits.
Gabe: "Hey man, I went on that date with Adriana yesterday."

Friend: "Oh really? How'd it go?"

Gabe: "Dude, I tried to holla, and she started Gabe Zoning me."

Friend: "Not the Gabe Zone!"

Gabe: "Yeah, bro. Its worse than the Friend-Zone."
by SomeAwesomeFemAnon June 30, 2013
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