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BACKGROUND: Lady Gaga is known for her celebration of all things "monster like". In her music video for "Bad Romance" Gaga makes her hands look like claws as part of her dance routine. The term "Monster Claws" refers to the intentional mimicking of Gaga's claw like hands in order to signify fan-hood. However, the term "gaga hand" refers to a condition in which a person is caught making "monster claws" subconsciously, or completely by accident. This is often captured in photograph and realized later. Commenting on a photograph by telling someone they have "gaga hand," implies that that person is such a rampant fan of gaga, and always has gaga on their mind, and thus their hand(s) subconsciously, and uncontrollably form into "gaga hand."

"I know she is just trying to grab that last cookie...but she totally has gaga hand."

"EW! What the hell are you trying to do in this photo??? It looks like you are trying to grope him with gaga hands!"

"You totally have gaga hand in the photo. Ra ra ah ah ahhh! Roma ro-ma ma, ga ga ooo la la, what your bad romance!"
by Rebelgirlelectric May 16, 2010
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