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Acting like you would in Rockstar North's game called Grand Theft Auto wich emphases on car theft, gangsterism and illegal acts.
Car Driver: Man I really would like to have this Lamborgini right behind us...

Passenger: You just have to stop the car and take it GTA style!

Car Driver: You must be kidding me... right?

Passenger: ...

Bob: Man I do not want to wait for this five minutes light! I will go even if it's red, GTA style.

John: Look, we are going to go in the police station with our paintball guns in our backpacks, we kill a policeman and takes his gun and then we kill more policemen to finally have an almost-unlimited ammo supply, GTA style!

Clark: Why don't we jst play GTA like every 12 year old kids?
by The TwB2 Frager June 01, 2009
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When you can’t get out of the side of the car you’re on so you jump awkwardly over the center console, as characters in the Grand Theft Auto series are know to do.
β€œI’m gonna have to GTA style my way out of here...”
by multieuropean May 03, 2019
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