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Acting like you would in Rockstar North's game called Grand Theft Auto wich emphases on car theft, gangsterism and illegal acts.
Car Driver: Man I really would like to have this Lamborgini right behind us...

Passenger: You just have to stop the car and take it GTA style!

Car Driver: You must be kidding me... right?

Passenger: ...

Bob: Man I do not want to wait for this five minutes light! I will go even if it's red, GTA style.

John: Look, we are going to go in the police station with our paintball guns in our backpacks, we kill a policeman and takes his gun and then we kill more policemen to finally have an almost-unlimited ammo supply, GTA style!

Clark: Why don't we jst play GTA like every 12 year old kids?
by The TwB2 Frager June 01, 2009
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