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A girl or woman with a snotty attitude, great looks and has to be around a guy for money and status. GOTTI CHICKS are always tan always have new clothes, shoes, handbags, and always date someone with an attitude and some sort of status. You will never see a GOTTI CHICK with the average JOE. GOTTI CHICKS love juice heads, and fake boobs. There always looking for the bigger better deal. Don't let them fool you for a second that they are going to stick around. Even if they dont have money and are faking it they still cary themselves with that attitude.The GOTTI chicks at clubs and bars usually wear Stunner shades and look like complete bitches.
Kim Kardashian, Raven Riley, All the girls from laguna beach the hills, any of those reality tv shows usually have one GOTTI CHICK IN THEM
by bGREEEZY September 24, 2008
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