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A well spoken myth amongst the tour crowds that Albert Hoffman, Founder and Synthesizer of D-9-Lysergic Acid Diethylamine. It is said that Albert, who believed that the U.S. Government, as the new superpower, would be determined to destroy LSD or directly control it. So, Hoffman set to work. He manufactured the Largest Crystal of Pure LSD known to man. It weighed somewhere between 35-55 kilograms, or roughly 100-110 pounds. This crystal was then entrusted to the GDF, who have buried it somewhere in a refrigerator, where no one will ever find it, and it will last humanity with enough hits till the end of the world.
GDF Myth is not endorsed nor verified by the GDF for fear of being busted by the gestapo/DEA
by TourScribe March 10, 2009
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