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'Give A Penny, Take A Penny.'

When you purchase something, and get two cent in change, you put that change in a litle box located on the counter top at the store.

Next customer that comes along is just two cents short for the item they wish to purchase. They are welcome to take the amount of change they need out of the GAP, TAP box.

So each time you donate your pennies to GAP, TAP... you're paying for a stranger's goods.

These GAP, TAP boxes can be found at any store. Most commonly at 7-Eleven, Taco Bell, McDonald's and Rite-Aid.
I went to Taco Bell today to get the 89 cent chicken burrito. I paid with a dollar bill and got two cents back. Since I never feel like carrying change around, I put it in the GAP, TAP box. I stepped out of line to see the next customer take my pennies to match the price of their meal. I walked away with the satisfaction of knowing I helped a complete stranger get the nutrition he needed. A smile slowly crept upon my face.
by eatmypenny August 22, 2009
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