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Root beer flavored energy drink from the makers of BAWLS Guarana energy drinks. It comes in a cool bumpy brown bottle similar to the regular blue Bawls bottle. Can be bought online, at some wal-marts, some 7-11s, and various grocery stores. Perhaps the hardest energy drink to find but the best tasting. 130 calories a bottle. Known to induce orgasms in one's mouth.
Guy 1: Dude you goin to Dave's LAN party this weekend? We got a whole case of red line!
Guy 2: Fuck that, its no LAN without BAWLS! Go get some G33k B33r! And have fun shaking.
Guy 1: Well, we might all have gay sex while we play Dave's new delaystaion 3.
Guy 2: I knew you were a fag!
by Keeep Out September 07, 2008
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