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The scene group of G-Town, aka Georgetown, part of DC. The G-Town scene group is pretty much like a typical scene, except the people tend to be a little bit preppier and nicer. The people don't always go to a typical scene show either. They might go to any one of the nightclubs there. The G-Town scene people are a little different than most scene people, so don't be surprised if you see any of the following:
polos (collar popped)
shirts from Hollister, Abercrombie, etc
typical scene haircut in blonde
lots of fake pearls
lots of hair ribbons
I think you get the idea
Scene girl: Woah, look at that girl, she's so preppy!

G-Town Scene girl: Hey, I'm from the G-town scene, don't be haten'!
by Sashaaa August 08, 2007
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