A play off of the phrase, "G-Unit", started by the rapper "The Game" in order to make people forget that he doesn't sell as well as his archrival "50 Cent". "G-Unot" along with "G-Unit" are now widely used by posers who think its cool to back their respective rapper idols, despite the knowledge of the fact, that neither rapper is ever going to do shit to the other except threaten each other through song lyrics.
"50 Cent is cool! I wanna stab his shit with my dick! G-G-G-Unit!" -Dumbass Who thinks 50 Cent will eventually do something besides rap about killing Game.

"Yo man, fuck G-Unit, fuck 50 Cent, I wanna give Game a blowjob! G-G-G-G-UNOT!" -Dumbass who thinks Game will eventually do something other than rap about killing G-Unit members.
by valleydj August 2, 2007
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