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Aka Gundam.
Something you should stop obsessing over because no matter what, they won't be able to rape you.

Since "gunnie" is too weird to be used (and believe me, gundam is serious shit), G"undie" is used. Undie as in: 1)Sexy underwear fetish 2)Un-die, because Mr. Wine-lover thinks he's dying in 2012 (what an uneducated bastard!) and he probably needs zombies to survive, or just simply wants to become pre-Messiah.
Me: Yo g"undie"!

Winey: say it one more time and I'm blocking you! >.<

Me: you know you love me, you know you care, I'll kill a gundie and you'll still be there! <3
by Lestrange DeVange September 17, 2011
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