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FurryFag's are people who wish they were not born human, but instead some other idiotic half witted animal that doesn't know what the hell it is doing. They would not be thinking like they would be now if they were an animal, they would not be doing romantic things and talking like humans do, they would not be walking upright on 2 legs(because 70% of FurryFags are interested in wolves while 30% of FurryFags are interested in Dragons, which dragons are not considered Scaly, they are still considered FurryFags because they desire to be an animal other then human) Only people of very low mental health and are in denial of such problems resort to being a FurryFag. People who are FurryFags and actually find love partners who are other people, usually don't get married because in their dreams they want to be married in their animal forms instead of human forms. As well as the person they are with is 100% another FurryFag(fag is being used as a demeaner and not homosexually most of the time) and they have Gut Wrenching FurryFag Fantasy sex that literally makes people either LoL when they see it, or Puke and crawl away crying. FurryFags are people to be avoided for their mental problems and their stubbornness to accept this and need help. Stay away from them if you can for they will probably try to hump your leg or some stupid shit like that cause they wish they were canines 70% of the time.
90% of people on, and 70% of people on DeviantArt are a FurryFag
by Problem, FurryFags? August 25, 2011
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