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The number one band that put chino hills on the map. Before them nobody knew what chino hillz was. But these young cats did what everyone else was afraid to do and now chino hillz is on the map. The group consists of four artists: Freestyle T-Bag, Ronotone, Marc, Michael Rodriguez. If you know chino hills, then you know these artists. Like if you dont know them, then you dont know chino hills, you know. Like they built chino hills with there hands, BARE HANDS. If you ever been to a chino hills party (u know how amazing those are ;) ) you can hear the single "chino hillz" on loop for hours. Freestyle T-Bag has the rawest vocals in the game. Ronotone is the most monotone man in the world. Marc is never seen and most people say he only appears inside raves with his side kick d-bryant. Michael is the master of acoustic, hip hop, and da ladies! as always ;)
Like straight up, if you're from chino hills and don't know the furious 4some, then you don't know life. naw mean!?
Get up with the get down. The official website if you wanna listen to dem raw tracks is here:
Lil wayne: "have you heard of the furious 4some? The men that put chino hillz on the map?"

Keya Shine: "yee dawg they dope!" "weenies!"
by MikeRod November 03, 2010
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