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A sorrowfully unpracticed sexual act involving a number of uses and combinations of pubic hair, semen, and/or body hair, ass hair, gooch hair, urine, feces, and/or any sticky bodily fluid one posses at the time of the devastating money shot.

Some popular variations include:
- Rear entry culminating in either the use of saved body hair or the timely and most likely painful removal of one's own body hair as a temporary face mask attached with one of the afore mentioned bodily fluids, the most funky of which, depends mostly upon the depravity of the offender.
- Missionary style entry that culminates in a prison style attack involving the use of bodily fluids and funky rotting dingle berries specifically and carefully prepared for use in depraving another being, most likely human, of their right to not be choked to the point of gurgling ,in a wookishly manner, up the bodily fluid used to attach the body hair of choice to their now animalistic looking face.
Man, last night I found that bag of pubes I've been saving and finally expressed my love of my buddy Anus by giving that bitch a Funky Chewbacca... UUoooaaaahhhhh!!!!.....
(Soon to be another victim)
Lol, bro you're a crazy bastard. (internally translated to: and that would probably worry me if I believed a word you've said)
You.......... Have no........ Ideaaaaaa........ Mmmmmmm.....
by PerhapsOneTwoMany October 15, 2012
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