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An ancient funky ancentor of mankind sent here by The One, capable of funkatizing an entire galaxy. Funkapii are known to kick dust and make it funky at all cost. It is believed this ancient people are responsible for giving us Bass Guitars, Drums and James Brown, oh and um "that stinch." At any given moment Funkapii have been known to pop lick, break trance and Ubangy Stomp. Traces of the Great Funkapus can be seen in modern times. Where you think women get their walk from? Hip shaking, ass dropping, and that unique flare found in George Clinton, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, and most black people born in the 70's and Justin Timberlake but we think he's black too.
Funkapus: (n) noun funky slang P-Funk mythology
Man you shoulda seen the way that Funkapus took the floor, she was extremly gangster!!

Girl dont look now but here he comes a giant Funkapus watch your ass.
by the funky kind February 18, 2011
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