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A chubby chick who understands that her enormous tits are the only reason that guys and most girls even realize she exists. In an effort to fit in she forces a smile as people tease her about her Juggs and never says a word when guys "brush" up against them to get a cheap feel. By giving her just a minimum of attention almost any guy can get them out for play in private and with just a whispered promise of further attention, he can deposit a load into any of her three holes.
As she sat there on the couch collecting her clothes from the frat house floor, the Fun Bag Bimbo knew that guy was already back upstairs regaling the others that he had just gone around the world on her. He'd almost certainly show the pictures he took with his phone of her Juggs to his friends and might even let them see the video clip he took of him titty fucking her.
by mck73 February 11, 2014
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