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A Driver who flashes his headlights on and off full beam as he passes another road user at night.

They usually roam the high ways and countryside and tend to avoid cities and towns but sometimes they stray away from the flock into civilization.

If one encounters a full beam bandit it is important to 'counter flash' them before they pass you in order to keep your dominance over these bandit scum. Just be careful an innocent bystander is not caught in the crossfire or you're no better than them.

Stay vigilant friends, those full beam bastards are out there.
John: Hey Joe, guess what?
Joe: What?
John: I was driving home last night and I came under attack by three full beam bandits. I counter flashed two of them but the first one caught me off guard.
Joe: Those sneaky fuckers...
by BlueShizuka September 13, 2016
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