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A 'full body seizure' is the bodys reaction to a bad day.

Commonly known in people who think they are ill and injured but aren't and their body cant take it anymore. So results in fully seizing for a period of time.
One Day In Andrewville.

Drew Suffered a bad day. Nothing went his way, the rain was pouring, and further more of his uncles that he loathed were visiting...

He Went for a walk in to his garden...

Jennifer - Drew! Drew? Whats the Matter Son?
Drew - Oh Bad Day (making an angry arm jesture)
Jennifer - Come On Love Uncle Theo wants a chat about those aircraft u love..huh?
Drew - Hmmm. (Drew Frezes)
Jennifer - Drew, are you coming?
Drew stands completly Still with a lonely tear rolling out of his eye and a serious expression on his face.

- Drew, (jennifer walks towards him) Drew? (starts to shake him) DREW?...Theo He Wont Movee!
Theo - Judging by my medical skill darling sister. You Young boy Drew has suffered a Full Body Seizure.
Jennifer - A What? Whats One Of Those?
Theo - Just his body is overloaded with make believe injuries so his body has seized to block these injurys but obviously there arent any. He should be back to normal very soon.
Jennifer - Oh Really Thanks Theo. I'll wait with him.
Theo - I'll put the kettle on.
by QueenOfDiamonds.x August 26, 2009
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