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When your hubris leads you to consider an atomic bomb solution to a problem. Normally associated with sports leagues; may apply to Hollywood studio executives. Usually accompanied by a "head up the ass" attitude and general derision for the actual impact on a fanbase.
The 2004-05 NHL lockout. Rather than resolve the problem between owners and the players, the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman chose to instead try and break the union.

In the end, by cancelling the whole NHL season, the owners got what they wanted, but at the expense of losing their ESPN broadcast contract, being reduced to a third-tier cable channel (Versus), and only gaining 4-network exposure by showing games essentially for free on NBC.

The end result of a "Full Bettman" was the lack of TV exposure leading to a decline from major 4-sport status in the US, falling behind NASCAR and NCAA football and basketball. The eventual byproduct of the casual loss of interest has been failure of NHL southern expansion and, ultimately, possible relocation of teams to Canada.
by Rusty_T_Rombone April 16, 2011
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