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Same as a Zombie Apocalypse other than it is an event happening right now; with real people; that are alive and should be dead; the real stupid people you have to deal with everyday. The roaming of people walking the Earth acting or behaving like idiots, retards, or with no intellect. Aka: Dumbasses, nincompoops, maroons, morons, ass-wipes, dickheads, and jerks.
"What the hell is wrong with people today?!"
"It's the Fucktard Apocalypse, remember?"
by Guzzi October 23, 2014
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Fucktardapocalypse: Multiple people in mass doing stupid things like tide pod challenge, whippits and tube socks fad
The new challenge is monkey butt? The fucktardapocalypse is upon us.
by B Silent May 30, 2018
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