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An expression used while having a debate about a controversial issue with someone who is somewhat intellectually challenged (e.g. A feminist; BLM activist or typical SJW) and suddenly something clicks and they realize how moronic their point of view is.
An enlightened person: The “77 cent gender pay gap" statistic is simply the comparison of the averaged annual earnings of all men and women working full-time (+35hrs/week) . It does NOT account for different job positions, occupation, industry, level of expertise, years of experience or total hours worked beyond 35hrs per week. It has NOTHING to do with getting paid differently for the SAME job (which is illegal already!). It has NOTHING to do with sexism or gender discrimination.

A Rad. Feminist: Ummmm, emmm, so you mean by referencing the “wage gap” to push for “equal pay for equal work” I’ve been comparing apples to oranges?

An enlightened person: Well Fuckity Fuckallelujah!!!
by cuddlypsycho June 16, 2016
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