A phrase commonly used by New England Patriots fans to express their absolute hatred and disgust towards the New York Jets team and to a way lesser degree, it's fans because fuck em that's why. Fuck the Jets
Jets Fan: We're going to crush the Patriots today with their sorry ass

Patriots Fan: Bro relax, not only are the Jets a hot landfill fire, but your team is based out of New Jersey, ironically the same place that sums up on how your team plays. Fuck outa here, fuck you, and fuck the Jets. Fuck em
by RoscJuan December 12, 2018
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A saying used to repell a gay cunt named Jet.

His parents are incredibly strict and don't let him swear, but when he's at school he finds a way to swear incorrectly every sentence.

His favourite word is the n-word using it for no reason all the time, to the point where it's overly borderline racist.

It's almost as if his comedy is a year late, still watching among us videos, and plays Roblox for fun, he still likes fnf and plays it.
Jet: holy fuck look at this Roblox meme.

Guy 1: Jesus Christ Jet, your in highschool.

Jet: shut the crap up you n-word!

Guy 2: fuck off jet.
by KyrenWillFindYou March 13, 2022
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