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This is the intro to "Fuck This Shit". For as you may know, Fuck This Shit (See Fuck This Shit or FTS), is a commonly used phrase over the internet for when someone gets mad or needs to blow off steam or ragequits from their fav game or website or even in a scared-but-need-to-look-cool kind of way. Even can be done in the workplace! (Betcha didn't know that one, huh?) It shall be explained how to be done in this definition... "Fuck This Shit 101". Remember: Blind anger is your friend. :)
Some examples of Fuck this Shit 101 in perfect step-by-step procedure.

1. *If in Class or work*
Get up in blind anger (Knocking down your chair is a must), Flip your desk (if chair is attached, step out of said desk and do it from the side), and yell it out with ferocity, "FUCK THIS SHIT". Can also be done from saying it -> Getting up -> Flipping desk

2. *If playing a game*

In anger, as hard as you can, throw your controller at the wall or nearest solid object and proceed to yell. Make sure "Fuck this shit" is included.

3. *Scared, but cool manner*

Play off fear or even get into the feeling of your words, Turn to the side a bit, hide your fear and say, "Oh no, Fuck that shit"

4. *Website*

Blind anger, yet again is a key factor, then click the X butto--actually fuck that shit. Manual shutdown the fucking computer and walk away. Fuck turning off the monitor.
by Sephirion/Taeron November 12, 2010
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