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An term used in extreme annoyance and fury to an individual exhibiting the characteristics of an obnoxious asshole, while being extremely unattractive, almost troll-like. A term first used in the early 60's to exemplify individuals who engaged in unprotected sex with many partners while being unable to afford devices for hair-removal. Over the years the term has varied in accordance with each generatonal use. From the late 70's to the mid 90's the term was once again changed to describe an extremely unattractive male actor in pornography, coined by comedian Pablo Garcia in his usual stand-up routine.
"Baby shut the fuck up, you fuckin Fuck Gnome, Damn!!!"
by Pab G. August 30, 2008
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the mischievous little creatures that live inside electric sockets. They wait around until you got 10% battery life on your phone at night and after you charge your phone up for overnight charging they unplug your phone. You usually wake up with your phone on or 1% or dead.
Me- I was late to work because some fuck gnomes came out of my electric socket last night and unplug my phone so my phone was dead this morning and I did not hear my alarm. Boss- yaaaΓ aaah OK ? I'm going to need you to go down to human resources and pee in a cup.
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by joor79 August 09, 2018
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