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Young, dumb and eager to please female who enjoys nothing better than to be passed around by groups of men and used for depraved sex, often in a gang bang or Bukkake situation. Often a certified nymphomaniac who loves attention and notoriety in equal measure. The ultimate slut.
Yo Dawg, we all goin' round T-Bone's crib tonight to bang the living poo out of that shameless big titted blond ho Poppy! She's only 16 but already top fuck fodder. She took so much dick round the 'hood, the jizz is oozing out of her damn ears! Can't wait to blow my aching nuts all over her slutty supercute teenage chops! Been savin' up for 3 days! Man its gonna be crazy...that bitch is gonna get shanked by the bruthas till she passes out tonight! She's so nasty!
by Purplemushroom April 07, 2008
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