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Fuck Flash Back... you just fucked some chick the other night, while you were off your fucking face.. then, when your mind wanders...

the mind shows scenes of embarrassing facial expressions, slips, trips, falls..
maybe even the cum face... if you were lucky...

most likely to strike whilst at your shit job, or at a boring meal with the rentals. The physical reaction to the FFB manifests itself in the facial area, and prompts others to ask what is the matter with you...
"oh man, i gotta “Fuck Flash Back (FFB)” with the rentals at dinner last night"
"oh shit what did ya mom say?"
"she told me if i didnt like the food i should go to mcdonalds."

“Fuck Flash Back (FFB)” strikes at work:
*screws face at thought*
"andy....are you ok? did you hurt yourself?"
"erm... yeh..."
by andy697887 June 25, 2010
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