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Frosty the Dopeman is a character created by Marc Zydiak in a song of the same name from his self-titled LP, first copyrighted in 1972 and later published in 1977 (Nirvana Records), given heavy airplay by Dr. Demento and included on the compilation "Dementia Royale" (Rhino Records 1980). This song has been much imitated ever since by everyone from school kids to rap artists with many different versions and videos of it viewable on Youtube.
Original version of Frosty the Dopeman viewable on Youtube (published by Cheryl Lynn).
by Demento fan January 15, 2013
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Slang term poking fun of frosty the snow man, pointing out that frosty may be made from cocaine.
Frosty the dope man let me sniff dat shit.
by the black man September 06, 2004
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