A phrase that can be added to the beginning of any sentence but never have any effect on what the sentence says
From my ass I prefer to actually study than to keep Pauling or do the Itoro on Mike
by ayhesaidit May 30, 2018
Expletive spoken as a tic from a citizen of South Park with tourette's syndrome. While other residents had boring tics like snapping their fingers and grimacing, this particular man shouts various combinations of "piss come from my ass" in succession.
"Whats up, South Park guy!"

"Hi how are... p-p-PISS come from my ASSSS!!! Piss... Ass. Piss COME from my ASS!!!!!!!!!! ahem. excuse me, I meant how are you doing? ASS PISS ASSSSSS!!!!"
by FattusB April 2, 2010