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The most dominant intramural dynasty ever assembled on a college campus. Often compared to the 'dream team' and other legendary sports phenomenons. Winning is not a matter of what or how, rather it is "when and where" because they will be there to claim the royal crown. There is no limit as to what the Frisky Ferrets can win, as championships in both the academic and athletic realm have been claimed. The Frisky Ferrets don't just believe in winning, they believe in winning big and winning BIGGER!
Son-"Mom i don't want to play baseball anymore."
Mom-"honey, why not? you love sports"
Son-"But mom the same team wins every year! the frisky ferrets are entirely too good"
Mom-"the fat pats need you"
Son-"we stink"
by FriskyFerret99 March 27, 2012
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