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The act of turning a frisbee upside down, filling it with beer, pulling down down your pants as to expose the anus, and squatting down on said frisbee.

This substitute to buttchugging or boofing, is commonly employed by nerds on ultimate frisbee teams around the country.

This trend originated at Swarthmore college.
Normal guy 1: hey bro, why was the ultimate frisbee team making so much noise last night.

Normal guy 2: I don't know, I think they were hammered from doing one to many frisbee sits.

Normal guy 1: frisbee sits?

Normal guy 2: yeah, it's like a cooler version of butt chugging that frisbee guys do. Like ordering a daquiri at a microbrewery.
by Daquiris for the boys January 18, 2014
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