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Condition arising from the over consumption of mexican-style beans, i.e. refried beans, pinto beans, borracho beans, or black beans.

Depending on one's tolerance for spicy foods, Frijole Fever can also be triggered from the consumption of salsas, pico de gallo, or other mexican-style sauces.

Symptomology: Symptoms can be seen as soon as immediately following the consumption of the trigger, and last for hours, or days depending on tolerance. Symptoms include painful stomach aches, intestinal discomfort or cramping, and is most often accompanied by the excessive and often uncontrollable passing of wet, smelly gas (fart), and may or may not include diarrhea (the squirts). Actual fevers are extremely rare. Any increase in body heat or excessive sweating is attributed to the stress on the body from the intestinal discomfort, or the fear of shitting their pants. Should a true fever in excess of 101F be present, one should seek medical attention as this is a sign of infection from foodborne bacteria.

Remedies: Drink plenty of water if you feel you have Frijole Fever as this will help speed the progression of the condition. consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any over the counter medication.
"Dave's acting pretty weird today, and his office smells like shit. What's his deal?

"He ate five bean and cheese tacos this morning for breakfast with extra pico and a side of borracho beans. Now, he's got a case of Frijole Fever."
by FuddledWords August 20, 2008
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being attracted to people of latin descent (mexican, cuban, etc.)
"latinas are so bad"
"you got frijole fever"
by cthomp June 17, 2016
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