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Hemant Mehta is an irrational atheist autist and author of his own blog "FriendlyAtheist" on the Patheos platform.

On there he writes about every little time atheism is attacked by someone, cherry picks information from surveys and studies that are positive about atheism and genuinely proves with his biased writing and hate bias against Christians that he isn't a "friendly" atheist but rather an irrational one.

Hemant will attack any survey/study that is negative about atheism such as the negative mental health problems associated with many atheists, studies that say that atheism isn't growing at all or studies point out that many non-religious people identify as theists still.
Much of the Friendly Atheist's readerbase consist of a bunch of sheep who cannot think for themselves. They circle jerk in every article written by Hemant, making generalizations about religious people and generally proving their down-right arrogance and closed-mindedness (which Hemant plays wilful ignorance to, pretending that the entire atheist community is a rational bunch when the reality is the complete opposite).

Hemant Mehta once said that "no atheist ever says God doesn't exist" proving his ignorance and dishonesty to the world. Simply Googling the aforementioned statement will yield many results from atheists stating this, there are atheist books which state this. Hermant himself stated this once saying that God "just isn't there."

This is ironic since atheists profess to be free-thinkers but make absolute statements like this which require empirical evidence (or omniscience to know all there is to know).

To date, no atheist has been able to provide any evidence to support their belief that "God doesn't exist" and therefore any atheist making this claim is simply being idiotic.
by dsidf1 June 06, 2015
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