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When someone of the male species will do anything a female friend asks of him just because she has tits. Not necessarily because he'll get any action, but just due to the simple fact that she has breasts.
Desirae (who has huge tits): "Leo, will you watch my kid so I can go shopping?"

Leo: "Sure, I'll pick him up for you from the store so you can get the maximum amount of shopping done".

Desirae (who has huge tits): "Carlo, can you hold both my kids at the same time while I do my make up and get ready?"

Carlo: "Sure thing, Desirae".

Leo & Carlo are both friend whipped.
by Wendy Wantme February 05, 2011
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Used to describe o who will do anything that one of their platonic friends asks them to do. May be for financial, personal, or sexual reasons.
Dude 1: Wow! That guy is so friendwhipped.
Dude 2: Yeah I know
Dude 1: Its so funny because he does whatever she asks him to do but everybody knows he doesnt have a chance.
Dude 2: (Chuckles)
by Culjat1994 February 18, 2009
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when one has a friend whom he would like to F### and he will do anything they say.
insurt name here wants to F### HER so he stalks her and kills her boy friend that boy in friendwhipped
by banana sandwhich February 16, 2009
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