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A realization (or plot hole) that hits you long after you finish watching a movie (or reading a book) and have already moved on to other things such as raiding the fridge.
I was struck by Harry Potter fridge logic today when I realized Fred and George are cooler than people think. In the first book, Fred and George charm snowballs to bounce off the back of Quirrel's turban. (SPOILER) It is revealed that Voldemort's face is under the turban on the back of Quirrel's head. So the twins were nailing Voldemort in the face!
by Match Dareberaid September 22, 2016
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Moving shit around in a fridge to fit other shit in. This is generally used in small fridges with large bottles and or foodstuffs. Fridge logic can also be used when trying to fit people (generally dead) into a frige without a large area for body-storage. here are a few ways to best use fridge logic:

1. remove shelves, allowing you to fit larger items in.

2. put the item through a woodchipper. it will then take up less space and will be easier to manipulate (and identify)

3. Get a bigger fridge.

If the items still do not fit in the fridge. they probably do not belong in a fridge and should be stored up your ass.
Harlee: "How are we gonna fit the Passion pop into that tiny fridge?"
Scotty: *Removes shelves and throws into motel room* "there."
Harlee: "Nice fridge logic."
by scottytheplanker October 30, 2011
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