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A straight girl, or girl who claims to bisexual (but everyone know's it's for attention), who only becomes sexual with other women after getting a few drinks of confidence juice up in her.

Girls become friday night lesbians when they discover that her half retarded guy friends rant and rave every-time she takes a shot and kisses her homegirls.
Tila Tequila and her appearance on "A shot at love."

Example in a sentence: "How's it feel to be a full time lesbian? I'm a friday night lesbian, after my crunk goes, so does my want for attention, and in-turn, my want for women. Excuse me, i lied, my craving for attention is still present, i just lost the 5 shots of vodka pulsing through my bod, so i'm not so out going.."
by cooljuno411 December 04, 2009
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