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The Freshness Level (FLv) is a personal, self-evaluation of one's current state of being, which ranges on a scale from 0 to 100. Simply put, it quantifies one’s current ‘mood’ into a single number.
Freshness Level Scale

FLv 0: Dead.

FLv 1-9: Rock bottom. You feel absolutely terrible; there is practically nothing that can restore this state other than time or passing. (Terminal disease, death of a loved one, guilty court sentence, etc.)

FLv 10-19: Extremely low. You feel like locking yourself into a room so you can drown in your own sorrows. (Ended relationship, fired from job, extended depression, etc.)

FLv 20-29: Very low. Life absolutely sucks, but you’ll get over it sooner or later. (Broken bones, petty theft victim, crashed car, etc.)

FLv 30-39: Quite low. You’re in a pretty bad mood; people better stay away from you for now. (Rejection letter, hangover, fight with partner, etc.)

FLv 40-49: Below average. You’re okay, but hopefully the day will get better. (Monday morning, bad weather, small headache, etc.)

FLv 50-59: Above average. You feel pretty good; the day turned out to be better than expected. (Clear sky and sunshine, discount purchase, good food, etc.)

FLv 60-69: Quite high. You’re in a good mood and often wonder why you don’t feel like this every day. (Weekend just started, barbeque with family, payday, etc.)

FLv 70-79: Very high. You feel great and it’s written all over your face. (Vacation, amazing sex, skydiving, etc.)

FLv 80-89: Extremely high. Life is amazing, period. (Graduation, new car purchase, big job promotion, etc.)

FLv 90-100: Cloud nine. You feel absolutely ecstatic. Is this heaven? (Wedding day, child birth, winning lottery, etc.)
by Andalucia June 06, 2015
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