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The self-proclaimed "Greatest Rap Group of All Time". Musical, lyrical genious. Anti-Illuminati.

Fresh Outta The Womb, which is short for "Fresh Out Of The Womb Bumblebee Squad Majestic Brotherz," is a rap gang hailing from the East Coast. Members of the group include rappers Fish Feet, Dooky J, and Thugga Cheese. The flock was once accompanied by the late rapper Marshmallow Smith, who was tragically killed by the Illuminati (RIP). FOTW's debut album gained traction with the hit single "Eat Pizza", and the brotherz are on track to go platinum by 2069. After a feud with another group "Wet Mushroom" the squads set aside their beef and are rumored to release a song together. Fish Feet died three times during the production of "Caged Boar", but is fine thanks to the presence of Allah at the studio.
Cool Kid "Hear, listen to this"
Poser "Oh my allah, my ears are melting, what is this"
Cool Kid "It's Fresh Outta The Womb, and today is now the greatest day of your life"
by MusicFan69 June 27, 2013
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