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Occurs when a man poops on a girls chest and then sticks the poop up her nose. She then proceeds to give him a blow job and, before he cums, he punches her in the head so that the cum comes out of her nose. BUT WAIT!!! The cum can't come out of her nose because there is poopy in the way. So, at this point the man is pretty grossed out and proceeds to throw up on the girl's chest. In an attempt to calm down, the man smokes a cigar in the girls vagina. Lastly, he will pick up a Colt .45, shoot her, and then shoot himself.
We gather here today in memory of Bob and Jess. However, we should take comfort in knowing that they died happy... In the process of performing a French Doorbell.
by Stysko Dyk March 29, 2011
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