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A pratically non existent town 20 miles southeast of Conway.
If you're looking for modernization, you've come to the wrong place.
There are some nice farms and camps for you outdoorsy types.
The name comes from the town seperating itself from Effingham, the next town over.
A town without stoplights or gas stations.
It's population more than triples during the summer, when all of the tourist come to visit. The closest mall is an hour away. It takes about two seconds to get to the Maine line. The closest highschool is a 35 minute bus ride. The people aren't too bad, if only there were more of them.
On the plus side, there's an ice cream shop and a pizza place, plus the crime watch is always low.

After a while it's decent, you get used to it.
Bob: I just moved out of Freedom, NH
Fred: There goes half it's population
by abcdefghi! August 04, 2008
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