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Any form of dance that is un-choreographed and sporadic. In its most basic form free moving consists of an array of kicks, stomps, shakes and arm movements but is based on no one particular dance style. Free moving can incorporate many different styles within it depending on the music being played. Most commonly free moving borrows from contemporary, hip-hop, disco, the hustle, jive, the Charleston, traditional tribal dances, Krumping and the Jackal (as seen in “Year One”) but is not strictly limited to these art forms. Free moving can not be taught as there is no “right” way to free move. This dance style is very popular in dance offs in which two or more battle dance to determine a winner. Although this dance style has most likely been performed for thousands of years the term was originally believed to be coined by Down With Webster on their Much Music TV appearance.
To kill some time we could turn on some music and free move untill the bus gets here.

Did you see Grandma freemoving at the wedding?

We free moved up and down that dance floor.
by DanceoffCham09 November 22, 2009
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