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Volleyball = SKANKS
Cross Country- Lesbians
Cheerleaders- Drunk bitches
Band- Potheads? Sex? BOTH
Theatre- ERRYONE is a wannabe tryhard. But who knows about them? NO ONE
Basketball- Cleptomaniacs
Soccer- Pregnant "Tejanos"
Tennis- A humpy-loving sport
Track- Holy shit. We're good at this.
Administration- Basic middle school knowledge is a plus
NHS- 55 MIC's. Beat that
Counselors- This is why I live. I am INDEED her baby.

AT this school, we have a weird way of placing AC units on TOP of the building. Our colors are red and white, but as you pass this establishment of "learning" you will see a beautiful green trim all the way around the structure. The AG program places large signs randomly around campus. As you gaze upon the front of the glorious campus you will see many "Tejano" people. A third of them are pregnant, very few of them know it yet. During lunch you will see many of the "Tejanos" have migrated and brought along chili powder candies.

Do you like sitting in the back of class? Do you enjoy the comfort of a nice bathroom stall? Are you a coke-head? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you could be addicted to cocaine.

Can you piss off the side of a truck? Do you enjoy tailgate beerpong? Do you trade sex for beer? Do you drive a F-350 Powerstroke Diesel with an 8-inch lift? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, come enjoy a nice pasture party.
Example 1:
Hot Guy: Where do you go to school?

Average-looking, B+ getting, small breasted, blonde-bimbo: Fredericksburg High School! *baaahh*

*Man runs off violently puking*

Example 2:
Random school: Who the fuck is that?

Tivy: Those are the goat-pokers.

Random school: Oohhhhhhhh...that explains alot.

Example 3:

*hot steamy sex comes to an end*
Man: So where did you graduate high school?

Woman: Fredericksburg High School.

Man: *picks-up phone, calls health clinic* Excuse me, i'd like to get checked for STDs..
by Alter-Scholtz July 28, 2011
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