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An extremely fat and stupid bitch who loves to eat lots of Chewy Bars whilst her students fail her German tests due to her inability to teach German. Her weaknesses include: falling over, hand sanitizer in her water bottle, cupcakes, and people who speak German fluently.

This fat sea cow enjoys sending her children out of the classroom when they answer her questions.

AKA Frau Cow, Frau Bitchten, Snorlax, Frau Fat ass(es).
Example 1:
Frau Kersten: "Joe, what is the answer?"
Joe: "I don't know"
Frau Kersten: "GET OUT!!!!!!!"

Example 2:
Frau Kersten: "Which one of you put hand sanitizer in my water??!!"

Example 3:
Frau Kersten was going to eat me, but then I handed her a water bottle with German writing on it filled with hand sanitizer and then she exploded.
by Thugnificant925 May 24, 2011
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