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A gross old refrigerator that resides in one's garage. The name originates from the previous owner of the refrigerator -- usually some old guy named Frank who enjoys smoking cigarettes in the car with the windows up. The fridge is usually accompanied by old food stains, which are almost always sticky and have dog hair stuck in them. The outside color of the fridge was once white, but now is a discolored yellow hue with many rust stains. Most notable about the fridge is the distinct smell which permeates all food put inside of it. The smell is that of old man, cigarette smoke, wet dog, and rotting tomato sauce. It is also used to hide teenager's Bud Lights, as no one will ever find them there, as the family rarely ever ventures into Frank's Fridge.
Dad: There is no room inside of the refrigerator for my home-made soup, go put it out in Frank's Fridge.

Children: Nooooo! Don't do that or it will taste like crap!

Mom: Just put it in Franks, you weren't going to eat Dad's soup anyways.
by Hershey The Dog January 30, 2010
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